Kentucky Wildcats Player Draft in NBA

The 2012 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Men’s Basketball Tournament was already finish. In division 1 which compose in mens basketball southeast regionals, mens basketball west regionals and other different regions  in United States and Canada which are 68 qualifying school who compete to grab the national championship title. Many of their fans were very supportive to their team and some of them were so eager to see in every game.  Almost all tickets sold in mens basketball tournament tickets especially when the famous player and team is there to compete, some of the fans are watching only  in television because the tickets are already sold out. Many of them buy immediately in the ticket outlet before the game and some in the internet. For those who don’t know where to buy NCAA tickets online, have tickets for NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament tickets and NCAA Mens Southeast Regionals basketball tickets NCAA Mens West Regionals basketball tickets.
There are so many strong team in each region like the Connecticut Huskies which won last year, the Kansas Jaywalks which won last 2008 also competed the Wildcats in final, and Kentucky Wildcats which won last 1998 and now the 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Champion. Their head coach John Calipari who previously the headcoach at the University of Massachusetts have now many offers  in NBA because Calipari is one of the respected and famous head coach, but he said that he is not going to NBA and he will remain in the Kentucky Wildcats. As the head coach of Kentucky have an offer in NBA, the best player also in the team are going to draft in the NBA.The starting five of Kentucky Wildcats were enter in 2012 NBA draft but head coach Calipari said and believe that it is six who draft in NBA.
The six player that head coach Calipari said are 18 years old Michael Kidd-Gilchrist(SF), 19 years old Anthony Davis(PF), 19 years old Marquis Teague(PF),  20 years old TerrenceJones(PF), 20 years old Doron Lamb(SG), and 22 years old Darius Miller(SF)which they contribute a lot to become the National Champion. What will happen if these six players will pick in the NBA draft? I hope head coach John Calipiri had already a plan of that, we will see in the next tournament if Kentucky Wildcats can get the National title again.

Simple Traveling Tips

Many of us want to travel in the different places of the world, some are going  back to there home country, and some had meetings or seminars to there different businesses. So many reasons to travel, because of this we make plan first before we go, some are not if emergency or very important reasons but all of the time we make plan especially when we go to have vacation. For the new and experienced travelers, i made some tips on how to travel that can give you some options when you made decision on where to go.

Traveling is a fun hobbies, when you go to travel make sure you plan first before others. I know some people don’t do this old folks but there is nothing will gone if you do this and try, i am sure that you save your self time and money if you plan properly. Grab some pencil and paper now and start planning your vacation.

When we go to travel, we need some transportation and places to stay, it is good if you have some relatives and friends in your destination, visit him or call before you go and talk to him if it is okay to stay in there home or apartment for a few days, i ‘m sure you save money for that. Unlike those businessman who shoulder the cost of there travel needs through there company or the rich man that can pay deluxe hotel and first class set in the airplane, so no problem with there. Don’t forget to reserve your set in the airplane and hotel for a month or more because some travel agency have discounted airfare and hotel if you reserve a month before you travel. It may have tendency that your favorite day of traveling and hotels are fully booked if you reserve behind of time, although there are so many plane to ride and hotel to stay, but your plan will change and can make a big miss in your travel especially your already plan your favorite airplane and hotel.

Search for the best travel agency, i know there’s a lot of travel agency who can manage your travel in package that can save you money and time, we don’t know if there service is good and maybe we will surprise of what we expect. Keep searching in the internet, read some of the comments and suggestions of others who can help you in your decision  and plan, avoid some scam travel agency in the internet that is why it is important to search properly.

Give space in your time and day, because some people plan had made there schedule and time in the straight way, when i said straight way what i mean are those schedule who already full like if you see some beautiful places and your schedule in that time is going to beach, the tendency is you leave that place and forget it especially you are too far in your hotel. That’s why it is important to give space in your time and day to reserved for the new attraction that you discovered.

London Olympic is Coming

London Olympic is nearly to come, all athletes of the world who participated in that big events are now preparing to get the gold medals. Even though some of the country did not qualify because this games are for potential gold medalist and world record breaker only but still joining and trying hard to qualify. We don’t know yet who are the leading country who can get more gold medals, but some predictions said that the US is always at the top. If this is true then the participating country will try there best to surpass and become the top gold earning medalist, it is hard to predict because it is only our own opinion but still valid to shout to the world through social networking or blogging because this is what we believe.

Preparing in London Olympic was already started not only the venue of the different tournament but also the hotels, park, beaches, tourist attraction, museum and many more. I read some blog in the internet and found out that most of the museum in London are free but because London is the host country for Olympic game, they already have an admission fee. I discovered also that there is a catholic bishop who come and inspect in London. I don’t know if they are true because I’m not in London, even though we can’t tell the exact detail and news there, still we can gathered news and events through other blog.

Why don’t you travel in London? I’m sure there are many beautiful attractions to discovered and lots of huge and deluxe hotel that can enjoy your stay there. Oppsss!! deluxe hotel? I can’t afford that!! It is true to me, but some of the rich and middle class people can afford  even though the price is high because of the Olympic game. Start your plan now on when to go in London and search for the different attraction, don’t forget to have your checklist on where to go to avoid delay and it is a waste of time to think there.

July 27, 2012 is the Opening of London Olympic and August 12, 2012 is the closing date, i wish that your own country can get more medals in this sports tournament.

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